Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Go ahead and say it......

Okay.. go ahead and say it.. I'm a picky bitch. My new "cleaning" crew came yesterday for the second time. If you remember my first gal didn't do so well so I went with the professional, bonded company that was recommened By a friend. hmmmm.... The first "A" clean was extra detail on the bathroom and kitchen. Well okay.. I lived with it. Yesterday the "B" clean was to include sleeping and living areas... a bigger hmmmmm? Yesterday 3 gals came and it only took them 1 1/2 hours. I was kind of shocked but was my house clean? Yes! Was it cleaned like I want or the way they advertise?...NO!!!!! Then on top of that they locked their keys in their trunk in my drive and was here an extra 3 1/2 hours digging through the arm rest hatch trying to find them.. Anyways. Now just look down this list and tell me am I being a picky bitch or what... See the line that says extra attention on floors. Well I have proof.. Even G asked if they swept. This is the corner of the bedroom, which I asked for the trees to be dusted.. Apparently they weren't and the moss wasn't cleaned up from either..These are the steps and really all the floores have carpet fuzz on them. I have heard the girls both times complain how she hates to sweep stairs.. Sorry, it's your job.. right?This is called "floors, special attention" They didn't move my basket of blankets or lamps or nothing..and this was the "B" clean (living and bedrooms) Also if they didn't get back here then I would say they didn't wipe the baseboards either.. This is my kitchen table. They didn't shake the salt and pepper off, they just wiped around it..

And this is the kicker.. I wouldn't expect them to clean under the cushions and it looks likes I don't either but I don't brag that I do.. As I was reading through making my list I saw this so I went to check it out. Yeah.... I don't think they got this.. Whatcha think?

And it's not even in the fine print..

There are other things too. Maybe I'm just too picky, maybe I should not blog and get up and do it myself. Ya know I work, I can't forget to send a fire truck to a structure fire. I can't take money for bond and FORGET to send it to court.. oooopppps..sorry. I don't know. If your going to say you do it..especially in writing then DO IT!!!!!
Okay your turn. tell me I'm a bitch.



*Lissa* said...

Well, maybe a LITTLE picky, but if it's in writing that they will do it, well hell, it should be done!!! :o)

TCKK said...

They should definitely do what they say they will!

Sara G said...

you certainly didn't get what you paid for....
I would have a hard time having someone come in to clean my house.
I am too picky that way too.
Hope you find someone to do it though as we would miss your bloggings!!