Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In a funk

For the past few weeks I have been in a funk about blogging. I used to have things lined up to talk about. But now I just sit here and wonder what I am going to say. I even took a week off and still can't get anything new. My garden, one of my main posts last year..well it's hasn't happened yet, and I don't know that it will. My flowers, they aren't blooming either. Does anyone have any questions they want to ask, anyone good dirt you want to know about me? I can't seem to come up with great meals anymore. I have been working on dirtbike pics and playing online poker. Other than that, I am stumped in so many ways. I need to get into sky watch and abc wednesday and get myself going but I until then. I will set here hoping you stop by and drag my butt out the door to find something to talk about.. ~Cathy


TCKK said...

I struggle with coming up with things too. We need to go out to lunch or dinner sometime soon and then maybe we'll come up with something to talk about.

Latte With Me said...

It happens sometimes. I enjoy what you do post - I love looking at folks' pictures :-).

Just keep on keepin' on - it'll come!