Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stange Sounds at NIGHT

Well I was in bed..ready to sleep for 3 days and what do I hear... I thought it was the neighbor moving the orchard at 1am.. which is not unlike him..but no.. I finally come downstairs and ponder... It sounds like a dump truck in my drive. So I finally go out the the smoking lounge and I hear nothing. NOTHING!!! Then I think I'm crazy. Then I heard something, probably just a lion, tiger or bear..yeah really, in OH-IO..no probably just a field mouse under our landscaping tarp,, then I remember the my post from a few days ago that a raved about and said everyone must read. The one about taking your keys to bed with you...yeah, haven't done that yet. Ya know you could come in make breakfast and clean house and I would never hear you...Just wake me up when the eggs are done. Anywho, Then I hear IT..it is a dump truck, but it's not in my drive, it's passing on the road over.. I do see them when I go to work but never really pay attention to them..well tonight I am..see there's another one..did ya hear it...? I knew you did...OK problem or mystery solved.. I am not crazy,, well just a little bit but not over trucks.. Okay, Baxter finally came home from chasing his girls and Emma is sleep with her daddy..which she is not supposed to be but if she pretends not to be there he doesn't notice. I better go see who is snoring louder.. I'll let ya know. Finally going to bed, my work is done and I am rambling and my eyes are itchy..so NIGHT NIGHT!~Cathy