Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dining room Double

Tonight my dining room was turned into a practice office for Gearbox Photos. We are planning a run through this weekend before the big race day on Sunday.

Then we had our inspection of the second monitor (used for a slide show). Baxter gave the all clear so we are set.
My drug sniffing cat... he doesn't get any work around this house so he has to check out what he can.
I bout had heart failure.. I went to take these pics and my camera wouldn't take...Then I looked and my lens wasn't on all the way...talk about heart palpatations...
I already had one kid contact me and want to buy pics.. I am so excited. I hope this does well.
Stay tuned for updates on Sunday.. wish me luck.


Justine said...

Yes! A sale already? You go girl!!!!!! Told ya you were good!

Justine :o )

Sara G said...

Looks like a great set up.
If you had a laptop you could take your laptop and printer, once you take pictures of one race you could have someone download them to the laptop and take an extra monitor for your slide show. You can pop an extra memory card in your camera so you dont miss any of the races. You can make sales right at the races. People tend to make impulse purchases and if they see the picture RIGHT there they might opt to buy RIGHT NOW!!
Just a thought.

Sara G said...

They usually have electricity set up by the concession stands..

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better use for the dining room table. Mine is my permanent laundry folding/storing spot.

TCKK said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!