Friday, June 12, 2009

The three amigos

Last night D had the guys over to spend the night. The girls were gone so it was full on guys night.
Look at this..we have never seen this picture before.. D and his phone.. texting....NO! No?... The next pic I took was C texting too. What did we do without cell phones and texting?
They wanted to show me some tricks so I grabbed Baby and ran outside with them to capture another moment of them growing up. C is testing the waters. He is just recovering from a broken foot, he is our little accident prone child.. He is always getting hurt.

D took the water.
Then Cousin d decided to film it. I think he got wet.
This is their fun little toy.. they leave the serious business for the track.
I just don't know what to say about this... hmmmm?

Miss Emma Sue didn't approve of their behavior... She was mad at her boys for running that thing around her yard.. She was in attack mode.. Okay.. she weighs 7lbs.. she can't do too much damage. When I left for work they were looking at the practice pics and I thought they were calling it a night. I guess after I left they swam, rode bikes and ate us out of house and home.. G said they were still up at 1:30... I'm not sure what time the party ended but they were sound asleep when I got home...



Brandy said...

Was that one of those "boys will be boys" moments or what?!

Great pics! Especially of that fierce doggie.

Justine said...

D always seems to be having a blast with cousin D, and man, the pictures you get are phenomenal. I love the splash ones.
Poor little pup looks pissed!

Justine :o )

shopannies said...

sounds like some great fun loving boys

TCKK said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!!!

Michele said...

Heh, some really good action shots there. Overall, looks like some really good fun for sure!