Sunday, June 14, 2009


So far so good on the weather holding out for the race today.. It's 530 in the morning and I can't sleep. I'm a midnight person anyways but I'm also nervous about today.. I hope I don't get ran over by a herd of boys on bikes and I hope I get a lot of good shots. These little guys are from last weekend.Aren't they the cutest.. They are both 4 years old. I love this one with the dirt fluffing up around his foot and the weed hanging out the back. ( he was going about 3 mph, he was just creeping around but he made dirt) I'm not even sure he can see out of those googles. I doubt they make little wee googles..these guys are barely out of diapers..well not really but ya know.

I stopped and talked to their parents and then I went back to get a few shots.. They actually bought 4 different ones off my site. I don't remember which ones. I took like a 100 of just them and a few other little guys.

Wish me luck today and I will twitter if I get a detour.. just kiddin..


*Lissa* said...

Only 4 years old? Wow! Great shots!