Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camp interview

We all asked each other several questions about camping... here are out answers... our wish list...bitch list... and things we would like to change...

What do you smell?
Me: Campfire, food
G: Potatoes and citronello
Oldest: air, burnt trailer park (not sure)
D: fire
Youngest: Campfire

What did we forget?
Me: Oh,,, I have a list
G: screw driver and wrench
O: finger nail clippers
Y: Mayo

Funniest thing to happen?
Y: Youngest falling in creek,,,TWICE
G: When I (Cathy) sat on blow up bed and fell over backwards

What do you think of the outhouse/restroom?
Y: stinky, sucks
G: disgusting
O: where the devil lives
D: Awesome.... (don't know what one he went to or he's just not picky... or did he use a bush)

What was the best part?
D: Watching Hot Rod by the campfire.. he loved the night around he fire
Me: getting to spend time with the kids, no cell phones...that was the biggest complaint..no cells, no calls, no texting for 3 straight days...they went through withdrawl and learned to overcome.. they actually played together..


*Lissa* said...

Nothing worse than burnt trailer park! ;o) LOVE THIS!

Jill said...

This was cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine said...

The outhouse. Ugh, not that again! Your poor, tortured family!

Justine :o )