Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What new with me.. I know you want to know

Well this summer has been weirdly fast.. It's August already and we haven't done any thing summery yet.. Is summery a word.. well it is in my world...

On to the next item...rain.. as I was typing this a weather statement plopped up on the screen.. I am sick of this rain. Watch it will be 70 degrees in December.

We went camping...lot of work before and after and not too exciting while we were there... because of the weather.... we did have fun.. we spent time together around the campfire making each other laugh.. it was good family time.

Yesterday I broke down and went to the chiropractor.. I have been hurting all over and didn't want to walk or stand or sit or sleep or be awake... I know that pretty much covers it but yesterday I made the jump.. I went to a new Dr. he put me in a decompression machine that pulls my lower back apart and makes it feel all refreshed and fancy.. then he cracked my lower back, oh that was to die for but then he popped my neck...oh yeah.... I felt good til about 8pm when I was in the middle of Krogers... my body stopped... the little monster got on me for lifting the potatos and she pushed the cart the rest of the way... That wasn't too bad til I go home and was trying to organize the freezer and I felt the pain and then couldn't move.. She starting yelling for G by then I made my way to the standing position and found a chair for the rest of the night... I really hurt last night but today I am a new person... I go back tomorrow so I'll see..

I haven't taken many pictures this summer.. I have been fighting with the dang Farm Town and I need some sun....



Justine said...

Hmmm... I never did get these updates from your blog. Wonder why? And camping is VERY summery!

Geez, hope your back was way better today.

Justine :o )