Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New family sport

Okay first of all.. I am sorry that I haven't been around. I have been visiting just not posting so here are a few pics from our little family time together we had this past weekend.

Away we go CAMPING.....

We found our way to Long's Retreat in Southern Ohio and set up the tent in a cute little spot by the creek. The maps showed bathroom across from our site so we thought it would be okay...NO!!!! It was an OUTHOUSE, his / hers, no lights, the door didn't shut and there was no lock. We thought about moving but we just went with it. We would drive up to the shower house when we had to go. I dont' think I took any pictures of it cause I didn't want to expose Baby to the smell...

Let me just say we had fun, the tent way okay, I wanted a camper, the tent was okay, I want my own toilet, the tent was okay, we spent quality time together, the tent was OKAY....

After we set up the tent we hit the beach. This is D going off one of the two slides. It was a bit chilly that day so we opted for our new family sport.
I just had to get a picture of D in the girls Teletubbies towel.. I don't think he even realized which one he grabbed. Okay on the the new family sport next to bumper cars. The kids loved the go carts. We actually thought about getting them into some sort of mini car races.. The youngest monster loved it.. She was very aggressive and was bound to win until her sister spun her out and she went to the end of the line,,,smiling all the way. This is D, 6ft 1 someting trying to get into this little car..

He made it and look at the smile. This was right before the spin out.
They had a blast and could have rode all day but at the price of $1.00 a minute they went about 8 minutes and that was it. G did stop on our way out on Sunday to ask if they wanted to ride one last time and only the youngest new racer wanted to so we went on.. she wouldn't have raced without some competition. We need to look into a little speedway for her.. she needs a hobby.
Check back tomorrow for more pictures of our getaway...~Cathy


TCKK said...

Glad you all had a great time!!! Since your on mids or 8p-4a I never see you. I went in at 7:15a the other day and you weren't there. Oh well, we'll catch up someday! :)

Justine said...

Ah, so you did take a lot of pictures! I thought something was wonky about that in the most recent post. Now I'm all caught up. But an outhouse? Oh geez, I would have FREAKED!

Justine :o )