Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keeping kids busy while camping

I bought a bat and ball and these Lacrosse looking toys at the resort market. It kept them busy on their down time.

Then the wind caught the ball and slammed into the trailer next door.. the lady inside whipped open the blinds and yelled something... ya know if you can't go have fun..don't go. What does she expect.
They played in the creek. I heard one little girl yell that she caught a lobster.. her dad yelled..."We're eatin gooooood tonight." It was actually a craw dad.. then I heard them selling them one craw dad for one sea shell...
Then during the down pour of rain we hit the tent. G watched a movie, the girls colored and D played a Star Wars game that eventually he made it past the first level. He had a time the whole weekend beating this.. but if gave him something to do.
In the arcade he won a bunch of tickets and bought this camo slinky.. he also bought this half rubber ball looking thing that would suction to your back or head and then pop off.. it hurt pretty good.... after I have been looking at these pictures I realized that I didn't take too many pictures of the real highlights.
We had fun..oh, did I say that we had no phone service...the kids had texting withdrawl..they had to resort to old fashion kind of fun which was a good thing for them.