Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kids loved it

Corn Casserole
Usually I drain a can of corn throw in some milk, sugar, salt and pepper and wa la..corn for dinner. The other night I added a few extra things and it just didn't turn out like planned but it was good.. Then a Traci told me to add corn bread mix... OMG how stupid was I.. I kept thinking how can I make this thinker like a casserole.. So last night myself and little monster put our heads together and made our now famous, keep your hands back or they will be bitten off Corn Casserole.
We added frozen corn this time, butter and sour cream and sugar.. I use raw sugar..

Then we added milk or condensed milk but plain milk was fine.. and Jiffy Corn Bread mix....

Salt and Pepper and baked it til golden brown.. And don't ask me on what temp or how long cause I don't know..
I didn't even get a picture of the final product cause it was gone.. GONE.... Gone with a capital G....GONE!!!!
Next time I will have to make a double batch cause this was GOOOOOOdddddd!!! Try it and let me know.
Corn Casserole
Corn- Canned (drained) or frozen or fresh if you are feeling extra perky
Sour Cream
Sugar (raw or regular)
Milk (regular or condensed)
Corn Bread mix
Salt and Pepper
Bake at til golden brown on 350 -400... I don't know the exact temp... shame on me.



TCKK said...

Sounds good!

JennyMac said...

I have never seen this! I think my in laws would love it.

Brandy said...

I've never tried anything like this either, but corn is one of the few veggies that my guys eat so I'm going to try it.