Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My man

Tonight G decided he was going to fix the satellite himself so he went out the window onto the roof. I was real uneasy about him being two stories up at 9:30 at night but he assured me that he would be okay. He just got around to the front of the house when I heard a commotion and he screamed (not really screamed but I don't know what word to use) - - I thought he slipped and started thinking how in the world I was going to help him.. I had just asked Emma if she knew how to call 9-1-1 and she just looked at me and yawned.. what help she would be. But then he said that there was a big spider out there and he had walked into the web.. oh, yuck but oh, good, that's all... Anyways, he jerked the dish back into place and walaaa..we had tv again. He is so good. All in the sake of football.

But what happened right before I had ESPN was such a wonderful thing. I haven't been feeling good and had some tests and well I will get into later this week after I find out what's going on or not going on. But anyways, I needed my hair colored and so I thought I would try something myself. G helped me highlight my hair and ya know it turned out awesome, just the way I wanted it. He is a great man even though I get mad at him over man things he does, he does hair wonderfully.. I think I'll hire him. So while my hair was going from dark brown to blonde.. yikes, that's scary- he was crawling across the roof fighting spiders. Yeah for my man.. I think I'll call him G-G.. I'll let ya know how he feels about that.



Rebeckah said...

Yay for your man! Any one that can help do highlights is a keeper : )! I wish I lived in Ohio so he could help me do mine! Who wants to pay $90?

Rhea said...

Glad you got your hair did, and I hope your medical issues turn out ok.

Funny about your man screaming over a spider. hehe