Friday, May 15, 2009

What were they thinking

A friend set me these contractor awards for the year.. what were they thinking? Let's take a look.

This one you back into your neighbors drive to get a running start. This was probably built in a climate that gets snow and ice 9 months out of the year.. Great for sledding.
See ya could hang your curtains crooked and no one would know.

Okay, even if the contractor decided to put this here..don't ya think the crew installing it would raise the is this to work? Or maybe not..
This one is thinking ahead for the future doors..
Now somewhere in this process someone had to trip over the damn railroad track.. I just don't see how they or why they would have built this building or built the track this close anyways.. which one came first?
And the winner is....

Isn't there a rule about getting to close to one another in the men's room. Maybe this is a different "kind" of mens room. hmmmm?



Justine said...

OMG! That last one is hysterical. I'm thinking these were Photoshopped though.

Justine :o )